Unwrap the fear…

btdd pic2

I love this picture. It says it all. Time to unwrap…change your thinking….it takes time so get started!

To be authentically true to yourself you need to take risks and push yourself to do what you  know is ‘right’ for yourself.

It is too easy to hide within conformity and not ‘live’.

Having been through quite a few change processes I know that I need time and talking and thinking and listening and sometimes that good friend (usually my wonderful husband) to push me in the right direction.

All the stories about Tall Poppy Syndrome and being ‘the talk of the town’ when you do something that is out of the ‘ordinary’ or not expected are true. It IS hard but only IF you let other people pass judgement and influence your future.

All they are is ‘other people’. Their opinions will only influence you if you let them.

You hold the power, you really do. It’s scary, it’s exciting….be your authentic self!

So if you want to be that teacher, drain layer, singer, dancer, athlete then YOU must!

Work hard, think and reflect, re-evaluate, change and move on.

You are a wonderful work in progress!

Happy days






Stinking Thinking

“Oh, I couldn’t do that.”      “I’ve always wanted to but..”

“I’m not good enough”

“What would people think”

And on and on it goes.

I know this thinking because I owned it for so long. According to my self-image, I was the reason why I couldn’t do the things I wanted…I just didn’t ‘see’ that my thinking was my barrier to happiness.

So, here comes that time…that time when you need to flip the ‘stinking thinking’ and see the bright side, the opportunity, the wondrous creation that you are and get on and be fabulous!

Buy the damn dress and live the damn life!

What we’re about



‘Buy the damn dress’ is a metaphor for empowerment.

Many years ago when I was a solo parent I saw a dress I really liked. I certainly didn’t have access to the fountain of money but in a moment of frivolity I bought ‘the damn dress’.

What happened? My fears had me thinking I’d have to sell my house, I wouldn’t be able to feed my child, pay the bills. What actually happened was NOTHING.  I managed.

I LOVED that dress and had many years of pleasure out of it.

When you really want to do something, you will find a way.

There is so much joy to be had in life but we need guidelines to get ourselves there.

When we take on the responsibility for ourselves we can power up our lives by making what I call ‘Delicious Decisions’. We all deserve happiness. So buy that damn dress – metaphorical or not!