Rocking Lockdown

“It’s in those small moments that we find our revelation, our creativity, our next step”– Monica Moore ‘Buy the Damn Dress’ Kate’s Moment Early into lockdown in New Zealand, Kate Leebody accidently knocked over her young grandson’s collection of stones that he kept at her home in Dunedin. As she was picking them up sheContinue reading “Rocking Lockdown”

The words that we say

“Mind your speech a little lest you should mar your fortunes.” William Shakespeare – ‘Hamlet’ Your words can bring great wins – or cost you greatly. Words have the power to hijack your thoughts and feelings, determining whether experiences are negative – or the opposite. Just like tools, words craft outcomes.You need to be a masterContinue reading “The words that we say”

Equanimity – My Inspiration

Equanimity is to approach situations with calmness and composure. Equanimity does not ignore our emotions, but helps us to keep them working for us. In fact equanimity honours our emotions. Not everyone deserves your emotional response, so you should not be sharing it with just anyone! You wouldn’t let just anyone borrow your designer dressContinue reading “Equanimity – My Inspiration”

The power of our words

Language is powerful. While it transmits literal messages, just as significantly, language transfers subconscious messages that can result  labeling and creating social restrictions  and harm other people. The words we use can result in rejecting, invalidating and disempowering others. We are all eye to eye in our human dignity. Honour that dignity rather than operateContinue reading “The power of our words”

View the world from refreshing perspectives!

I didn’t hesitate to accept an invite to the launch of the Flavour Full – Feast For Your Eyes art exhibition at ASB Waterfront Theatre last night. Contemplating the art in the glorious setting of the foyer of the ASB Waterfront Theatre last night with wine in one hand, cheese in the other and theContinue reading “View the world from refreshing perspectives!”

Step outside your comfort zone

It’s a Delicious Decision to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. The nerves, the self-doubt and the ‘don’t be so ridiculous’ kicked in recently when I modelled in a retro fashion parade at the Milford Shopping Centre here on the North Shore of Auckland. Me and modelling equates to ‘never, not andContinue reading “Step outside your comfort zone”

For Puck’s Sake!

I love Puck. Puck is clever.  Made famous by Shakespeare’s  “Midsummer Night’s Dream”  Puck is a mythological character, neither male nor female and is often known as being malicious and cheeky but it is we humans that provide the ‘material’ and maybe Puck knows more than we think.  Puck makes fun of our human flawsContinue reading “For Puck’s Sake!”