Time for the ‘fit gig’

Dear Christmas and New Year Thanks for all the fun, it was a blast. Special family memories and great times with friends were created once again and this year it was extra special.   What wasn’t so great, however, was the gorgeous food and beverages that came with the socialising decided to take up residenceContinue reading “Time for the ‘fit gig’”

Introducing Uniquely Inspiring Caroline

A freak accident 12 years ago, followed by surgery resulting in medical misadventure, leaving Caroline Dore in a wheelchair has not stopped this inspiring woman from having a life of love, laughter and dedicated generosity. Caroline has lost time. Her pain relief medication resulted in her life being a hazy blur at times and she remembers very littleContinue reading “Introducing Uniquely Inspiring Caroline”

I’m more than a piece of meat you know…and so are you!

C’mon!!  It’s time to have a major sort out here! We are so much more than a bag of body parts but the world seems to have gotten more than a little crazy about the physical stuff. The obsession of how flat, how round, how long our ‘parts’ should be is borderline on insanity! Isn’t itContinue reading “I’m more than a piece of meat you know…and so are you!”

Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Rosina

Tiny in stature, Rosina’s story is one of great strength in the face of adversity. She is not only a survivor but an example of how a love of life can conquer anything. This is her story. At 8pm on the 31st May 1971 there was a big car accident. Four kids were killed. ThreeContinue reading “Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Rosina”

Physical Attractiveness Part 2

For many years I had the assumption that physically attractive women had it a lot easier. However I learned a very valuable lesson in my 30’s. One afternoon as I lay sleeping on the couch there was a knock at the door. Our living room had a wall of floor to ceiling windows and frenchContinue reading “Physical Attractiveness Part 2”