Make the most of the Joy in life!

‘A heart to love, and in that heart, courage, to make love known’ (Macbeth – Act 2, Scene 3) Life brings challenges so more reason to celebrate special events!! When your child decides to get married it’s very exciting! This happened in our family recently. The happy couple had been together 3 years and JamesContinue reading “Make the most of the Joy in life!”

Take up the Challenge!

“Our doubts are traitors and make’ us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt.” – Measure for Measure (Lucio, Act 1 Scene 5) “To know and not ‘do’ is to not know at all” This is just one of the inspirational mantras I have on post-its around my office after writingContinue reading “Take up the Challenge!”

Damn the stress

We should never underestimate, overlook, sell short, undervalue or ignore the power and need for human connection. Especially at Christmas, actually, because of Christmas. While we’re running around trying to find matching serviettes, enough cutlery for the table, driving to the mall to buy one more roll of wrapping paper because the final present isContinue reading “Damn the stress”

Strip it all off!

You want to be happy, satisfied and have joy and meaning in your life? Of course, you do!!  The universe wants that for YOU, simply because you are a human; unique and wonderfully designed! The world is speeding up! There’s so much going on leading to endless decisions!! The flipside of the availability of ‘everything’Continue reading “Strip it all off!”

Uplifted on the Red-Eye flight

The red-eye from Queenstown to Auckland on a Saturday morning has been a regular for me and a challenge. However, on my most recent experience, the atmosphere on the plane was lifted to a new place. I have always found Air NZ staff to be lovely, helpful and efficient so I wasn’t expecting anything less.Continue reading “Uplifted on the Red-Eye flight”

Tap into your inner dancer

So tonight after a bit of ‘spread-the-word-on-social-media’ we had quite a class full. There was a range of newcomers and the experienced; an American-style tapper, those who had salsa-ed and jive-d and ballroom-ed before. There was a runner,  a couple of ladies who wanted to ‘check it out’ and a Mum brought her daughter toContinue reading “Tap into your inner dancer”

Love The Skin You’re In

So after making the decision to stop colouring my hair (well not quite as it has loads of colours added but no base!) I’ve decided to concentrate on looking after my poor skin which has had a lifetime of specialist care via a facecloth, soap and whatever moisturiser was on special at the super marketContinue reading “Love The Skin You’re In”