View the world from refreshing perspectives!

I didn’t hesitate to accept an invite to the launch of the Flavour Full – Feast For Your Eyes art exhibition at ASB Waterfront Theatre last night.

Contemplating the art in the glorious setting of the foyer of the ASB Waterfront Theatre last night with wine in one hand, cheese in the other and the company of friend Julianne Harvey was a perfect scenario for some delicious time-out immersing in NZ Creativity.

Four contemporary artists are showcasing their work in the foyer, curated and led by Serval Fandango.

The exhibition will be open daily from 9am-5pm in the foyer of the theatre until December 13.

Fandango, 25, is currently one of NZ’s hottest young artists with his trademark eye ‘candy flair’.
His works are inspired by deliciously vibrant colours (loved the colours!) infused with his unique view on environments and personalities.

Fandango has produced work for clients including Steinlager Tokyo Dry, Britomart, Brothers Beer, Resene and Red Bull and Auckland eateries Kiss Kiss and Love Exposure.  Joining Fandango are exciting emerging artists Flora Xie, Abbey Gamit, AHSIN AHSIN showcasing mixed medium art from photography, painting, digital art and motion graphics.

Loved the colour and style of Ahsin Ahsin’s neo-pop culture in his mural sized designs.
Flora Xie’s dreamy photography with is captivating with the subtle mood of melancholy in each of her works delicately delivered through expression, lighting and colour. Abbey Gamit has been exploring the digital realm and her work is known for the collating of compressed ‘fast’ and found imagery, with more intimate imagery. The vibrance and fun of her work caught me.

Take time out and view the world from new and refreshing perspectives.

The exhibition is supported by the Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust and Auckland theatre company.

It was an added bonus to catch up with some of my favourite people who work with Auckland Theatre Company and the  ASB Waterfront Theatre. They are dedicated to their jobs and go beyond to honour NZ arts. All honour to them!

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.49.49 PM.png

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