For Puck’s Sake!

I love Puck. Puck is clever.  Made famous by Shakespeare’s  “Midsummer Night’s Dream”  Puck is a mythological character, neither male nor female and is often known as being malicious and cheeky but it is we humans that provide the ‘material’ and maybe Puck knows more than we think. 


Puck makes fun of our human flaws and we so readily play into Puck’s hands with our ‘learned helplessness’, our jealousy, vanity, insecurities and many more of the human flaws that we willingly display on a daily basis.

Just look at us! We’ve come such a long way with science and technology yet we still can’t embrace our human connectedness and make the most of the joy of our lives.

We fight, we are nasty, we are selfish and we play off against each other, divided in our differences


                           Yet our strength is in our human connectedness.

People need people. Our foundation is in our commonality as people.

Puck finds it easy to see the foolishness in us because it’s so easy to find!

So, what’s the message here?

My idea of Puck

Catch this….

When we acknowledge our commonality and ditch the ‘noise’ of difference we find our core power to bring happiness.


Buy the damn dress – but take responsibility. Look after it, pay for it and your bills.

Enjoy that dress! If someone tells you that you look great – THANK THEM.

Have a wee sneaky peek in the microwave door or that shop window – you deserve it.

The ‘dress’ is, of course, a metaphor with a thousand messages. What’s it telling you today???

Make it trickier for Puck to mock our flaws! Let’s get our act together  – for Puck’s sake!

Our core power is found in our connectedness


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After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years and launching my online magazine Love it all!

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