Make the most of the Joy in life!

‘A heart to love, and in that heart, courage, to make love known’

(Macbeth – Act 2, Scene 3)

Life brings challenges so more reason to celebrate special events!!

When your child decides to get married it’s very exciting! This happened in our family recently.

The happy couple had been together 3 years and James (son) had been thinking about proposing for a while. (Hence the quote above!)

The date was set for ‘fiancee-to-be’ Danielle’s birthday.  To our delight, my daughter and I were seconded to the mission to choose the ring and Danielle’s lovely mother Maria was at the end of the phone as a consultant.

Super special and such fun!

Seeing the satisfaction on my son’s face when he found the ring was priceless.

Stage One of ‘Operation Proposal’ was complete!

On the morning of Danielle’s birthday, James gave her an envelope with instructions.

This was disconcerting as Danielle is a fabulous planner of events and surprises but this was a first for James.

The envelope revealed instructions for her to get dressed up and to text James when she was ready.  He left and came to ours to get ready.

She text and my daughter arrived at her place with another envelope with instructions. Danielle was driven to a local park where her mother and sister were waiting for her. Envelope no. 3 was handed to her asking her to follow her Mother and sister.  They went into the bush until they reached a tree with balloons on it. Danielle’s sister presented the 4th and final envelope telling her to continue on the track on her own.

She walked down and James met her at the top of a cliff looking out on the ocean.

Engagement setting
The beautiful setting for ‘the proposal’

My husband and son Simon were at each end of the walking track that passed through ‘the sacred proposal ground’ so they diverted people. The strangers were all super excited and entered into the spirit of the event!

Even when James got down on one knee Danielle asked him what he was doing. She had no idea. It was such a lovely surprise!

We were waiting in a nearby picnic area with bubbles and nibbles.

So happy that she said Yes!!

PS  Just in case someone from Mills and Boon is looking for a new story how about this…
“It was a balmy morning as the sun rose, casting a ray of hope on the nervous young man who was all aquiver with anticipation of what this glorious day might bring…the hope lay embedded in his heart that from this day forth he no longer be but a singleton striving to survive alone in this cruel and merciless world…cold in his loneliness and desolate in his heart… (let me know if you need more…I’ve got more!)


Here is the story in photos

The anticipation before we buy THE ring
Happy Mother and Son
Happy Fiance and Fiancee!
Fiancee, her Mum and Sister
The happy couple with his family


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