Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Rosina

Tiny in stature, Rosina’s story is one of great strength in the face of adversity. She is not only a survivor but an example of how a love of life can conquer anything.

This is her story.

At 8pm on the 31st May 1971 there was a big car accident. Four kids were killed. Three survived. It was a defining moment that changed the lives of so many forever.

We were in the 5th form and a young lad had just got his license.  He was excited and he and six other teenagers went for a drive. Off they went into the dark wet night.  We had badminton at the YMCA. They left me behind and I was so mad.

I was 15 years old. My identical twin sister Christina was killed in that accident.

There was no counseling or help of any sort back then. It was straight back to school. The accident site was only blessed five years ago.

I didn’t fully understand what had happened and the impact that it had on me. None of us did.

I went nursing, hit the booze and got pregnant at 18. I stopped my sport which I was very good at. I met my husband in my mid 20’s and life improved. I learned to play squash at 25 at a high level and ran marathons. We moved around the country and then we went farming.

It wasn’t until I had a car accident myself that I finally dealt with the trauma of Christina’s death. A young kid hit me at high speed. He was traveling at 150kms. My car was written off and physically I healed quickly but mentally as the weeks went by I became a shell of myself. I couldn’t do anything. I was scared, anxious and had panic attacks. I couldn’t eat. Fortunately I had the best psychiatrist and was put on bed rest and strong medication. I was in a special hospital unit.  When I stabilized, every morning I would lift a weight. I started with one rep and slowly like a snail, worked at getting my life back.

I was suffering from what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Looking back I can see how the farm has aided me in becoming independent. I work very hard on it with my husband who is a rock. It is fantastic therapy. At the moment I’m rearing 120 calves so it’s busy but awesome!

I am so proud that I am not on any medication and I am determined to focus on the euphoria of life.

I am in my 60’s and I keep a youthful attitude by trying new things. I learned to swim when I was 57 and was able to swim 50 lengths. I did paddle boarding for the first time this year and I was asked to model. I was apprehensive and nervous to the point of shaking but I did it! Overcoming fears is important to me.

It’s onwards and upwards for me. I firmly believe ‘we so have to look at the sunshine!’

Rosina certainly sees the bright side of life. Her sheer determination to focus on the positive illuminates from her. She is truly inspirational!

Rosina with her twin sister Christina and their Mother
Modeling for the first time earlier this year
A lady of style
Having fun in the office
She’s just as comfortable on the farm
Rosina loves the bright side of life!
A bit of class with the cows wearing her Karen Walker sunglasses
We so have to look at the sunshine! Winning best dressed award.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Rosina

  1. I remember listening to the radio (transistor) way back then and hearing the shocking news of the accident, as Rosina says, back to school, no counseling, just disbelief lots of tears, hugs and a huge service, everyone at Tokoroa High School knew each of the victims, and we were all affected, so proud of Rosina to have been through the darkness and come out a very strong inspirational lady

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