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‘Buy the damn dress’ is a metaphor for empowerment.

Many years ago when I was a solo parent I saw a dress I really liked. I certainly didn’t have access to the fountain of money but in a moment of frivolity I bought ‘the damn dress’.

What happened? My fears had me thinking I’d have to sell my house, I wouldn’t be able to feed my child, pay the bills. What actually happened was NOTHING.  I managed.

I LOVED that dress and had many years of pleasure out of it.

When you really want to do something, you will find a way.

There is so much joy to be had in life but we need guidelines to get ourselves there.

When we take on the responsibility for ourselves we can power up our lives by making what I call ‘Delicious Decisions’. We all deserve happiness. So buy that damn dress – metaphorical or not!

Published by buythedamndress

After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years www.monicamooreproducitons.com and launching my online magazine www.buythedamndress.com. Love it all!

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